Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Fuck you 2016 Movement

I feel weird about the whole '2016 was the WORST year because so many celebrities DIED, and Donald Trump got elected and GOOD RIDDANCE 2016' and all of that. It's weird how we get so sad when celebrities die - I mean, of course it's sad when someone amazing is gone and we don't get to listen to any more of their new music or see any more of their art or witness them doing anything else wonderful for the world, but the fact is they did it, and we can all easily go and put on Bowie's Greatest Hits right now - he's still right there, for us. If his (exquisite) album Blackstar is anything to go by, he didn't even really die, (for us), even post-death he spoke. But that's beside the point. Death is going to happen to us all (sorry, that was a terrible Mansplain) and it's tragic when cool people die, but they do. I don't see it as such a big deal. This is a shit post. I'm sorry. I just get all squirmy when people get all tragic about it, (and also I said I'd write a post a day and tonight I am munted). Heaps of people died in 2015 too, who were nice. And besides, not to get all doomsday, but it's not 2016 we should be all sad about with regards to Donald Trump/Brexit - what the hell is ahead for us all? Yes they were shit moments - beyond shit - but maybe we'll all look back and think, 2016, how sweet it all was then. Trump had just been elected, there still was some tiny glimmer of hope that it wouldn't go to shit, because it hadn't yet. More people will die this year, awesome people, parents of friends, people who did really good things. I think what gets me is this idea of it being unfair. (Insert Louis CK whiney bitch voice here) Ohhh Prince, I loved him so much and then he had to die, it's sooo unfair! Life is sooo shit. I'm like, literally starving right now. It feels so spoilt. People die, every day, and it's really shit, and then more people die, and then it will be you, or even worse, someone close to you and that will truly be a Shit Year (Mansplain). Do we collectively think there is a God who is deciding this stuff, and being mean to us? Making Brexit happen? Trump? Killing Leonard Cohen? Sooo unFAIR. Fuck you God. You fucked the world! And then you took our favourites! Why couldn't you have just let them be eternal? They're stars for goodness sakes!

I think Bowie is ok, up in the moon. I think we can enjoy life knowing that he had a great one. And, might I add, all before Trump got the nuclear codes.

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