Friday, January 6, 2017


I wanted to write more about Dick and a whole lot of smart things about Hannah Wilke, but I was too tired so I wrote a whole rant about people saying Fuck You 2016, good riddance, and all of that, but then I took it down because I didn't really believe what I was saying. So I am writing this, nothing. And though I hate myself for not writing something better, at least I will go to bed having fulfilled the brief of writing a post a day. And like Mr Rabbit says, self-esteem is created by making little agreements with yourself and fulfilling them.

Here are three lines from I Love Dick:

When the form's in place, everything in it can be pure feeling.


For years I tried to write but the compromises of my life made it impossible to inhabit a position. And 'who' 'am' 'I'? Embracing you & failure's changed all that 'cause now I know I'm no one. And there's a lot to say...

I found the second story that I’d ever written, 20 years ago in Wellington. It was written in the third person, the person most girls use when they want to talk about themselves but don’t think anyone will listen.

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