Friday, October 10, 2014

A Week in the Life

I took the train to Telegraphe and walked through the streets feeling nostalgic. I never lived near Telegraphe but it wasn't far from where I once lived near Jourdain one way and near Gambetta the other. Also I used to do voiceovers near that ugly metro mouth for an English learning site. I played an octopus and all sorts of things. It was fun. I was happy.
I'm looking for traces of happiness it seems all across the city because lately it seems I'm not happy here and I can't really figure out why. Somehow i my ad-hoc freelance life I seem to have gotten stuck in a daily grind - a metro-boulot-dodo of sorts - without the metro as i'm spoiled enough to live 5 minutes from my office. And i can leave at any time. I lost my 

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