Monday, February 24, 2014

Where's your Mum?

Kiki: Where's your dad, dadda?
Mr Rabbit: He's at home, in Albury.
Kiki: In the Straya?
Mr Rabbit: Yeah, with Grandmama. She's my mum.
Kiki: Oh! Where's your dad, mama?
Me: He's at home in Point Lonsdale! My dad is Grandad!
Kiki: And where's your mum?
Me: She's... not.. here! She's not here with us any more. She's not on the earth.
Kiki: Is she in the Straya?
Me: No.
Kiki: Is she in Singapore?
Me: No.
Kiki: Oh. Is she sick?
Me: No. Well, she was - but not any more.
Kiki. Oh. She's better now.
Me: Yeah, she's all better now. She's great.
Kiki: Does she have a garden?
Me: Yes...
Kiki: Can I go and visit her garden? On Thursday?
Me: No, you can't visit the garden. But you can close your eyes and imagine it...

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