Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bad Actor Hairy Face Easter Egg Dream

LL and I were in a car on a trip and suddenly I was behind the wheel and I didn't know how to drive. 'I don't know how to drive!' I screamed and everything was dark around me and I couldn't see where I was going and I kept stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake. LL was cool - she said You'll be fine and looked out the window. We began to fall into a precipice and I knew we were going to die. We flew into the open air. Then we were on the side of the road and we had arrived at a house. Kiki was there and I was so relieved not to have killed her and disgusted at myself to have put her in such danger. There was a heaviness in the pit of my stomach. 'It's Easter Egg time!' said LL and she pulled out a bag that was full of chocolate Easter bunnies. My god, I thought - is it really already Easter? I wished we'd stopped at a 7-11 so I could have grabbed some Easter eggs too. LL went about hiding the Easter bunnies in the garden and I went inside. There was a casting going on and a show-offy girl was in there, acting in front of a group of casting people from Neighbours. The girl's agent was next to her on the couch and kept saying favourable things about her - 'She's so talented. I'm sure there must be a role out there for her right now. What's casting at the moment?' And the Neighbours women were nodding their heads and I was thinking - My GOD! Can't you see she's over-acting? And the girl had long blonde hair that was all shiny and brushed and she had heaps of make-up on in pastel colours. I went and sat on the couch which was really big and soft and ladylike and the girl asked me to do her an annoying favour. When I looked closely I could see the she actually had huge hairs coming out of her face and a downy blonde beard. I said no to the annoying favour and she was really affronted. I had belittled her in front of the casting agents and now she looked silly. I was glad inside myself, like I had done some sort of justice, exposing the real her to them. We went outside and there was an adult party going on. An actor friend of mine who is about to give birth was there, and she had a small protrusion of a belly and I hugged it. It was so nice to see her and to feel the baby. It was an honest feeling.

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