Friday, April 26, 2013

My Dad

My dad likes 'two fruits' in the morning, on his Weeties
My dad has coffee from the microwave
My dad says it was years of being on tv sets that helped him truly appreciate granulated coffee
My dad likes airplane food
My dad likes hospital food
My dad says 'All you need is three things. Something in your tummy. Something to keep the rain off. And someone who likes you a bit.' 
My dad never wants to go to the party and then you have to drag him out at the end
My dad never wanted to come to Paris and then he did and now he comes all the time and has a old map of the city on his guest toilet door
My dad once bought a toilet seat that was made of perspex and had underwater art inside it - fish and coral and shells etc
My dad lives by the beach, but never swims, just looks
My dad can't resist a lemon crisp with his coffee
My dad is all about chocolate teddy bears
My dad used to put Wagon Wheels under our pillows while we slept 
My dad drinks coffee before going to bed at night
My dad can't understand why he sleeps so badly
My dad gets excited when he sees rosellas in his backyard
My dad has arms that when you're in them make you feel like the world is very safe
Children melt in the crook of my dad's neck
My dad has nails which are all picked back
My dad has an excellent crop of thick silver hair
My dad answers his landline
My dad answers his mobile even when he's at dinner
My dad never wanted a mobile phone
My dad never wanted an iphone
My dad was right!
My dad visits people and calls people just to say hello
My dad gets wild when you don't use the flash 
My dad swears he's not an artist
My dad gets passionate about the organization of events such as weddings and christmases
My dad loves show tunes
My dad keeps his house immaculately clean, usually to show tunes
My dad says anything is fun, when you've got music
My dad doesn't think you can ever listen to the same soundtrack enough, or film, especially ones involving show tunes
My dad puts hotel chocolates on folded towels on each bed for each guest in his house, even if it's just us
My dad doesn't make too big a deal when his children go off to all sorts of places in their lives - he graciously lets them go
My dad makes a big deal of everybody's birthdays
He says he never wants to make a big deal of his
But if I was there today, I would - I would do a big song and dance until he said 'Oh, must you make a song and dance about it?' 
Fortunately he's already being spoilt by Nanny C and all the gang.
I'm glad.
My dad is happy.


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