Friday, April 5, 2013

Keep Smiling While Ordering Coffee

Keep smiling when you order the same coffee from the same man every morning, even though he is closed off. He might be your age and have a nice face and it might be hard that he is so shut off, but keep being polite and smiling and say have a nice day. Don't let it get to you. Smile again the next day and say Bonjour and don't say anything more than that (like idiotic things about weather, traffic, politics, etc) - just enjoy the feelings of the words you're saying curl and exit your mouth, and try to keep them sounding nice, but don't try too hard. Don't take it to heart that it has been seventeen weeks you have ordered the same coffee every day and you still have to say it the same every day and the face hasn't cracked in any hint of a sign of recognition of you - he sees a lot of people in a day - don't worry. Keep ordering, keep being polite - just so - you can say Bonne journée or Bon week-end depending on the occasion, but don't say bonne fin de journée, that's subservient. Know your place - exactly the precise edge upon which it sits, don't go over either edge or you'll lose it. And so, plug away, day after day, smile, speak, exit. Gentle, but strong and right. And then yesterday you will start to see the effect. The tiny muscles in the face starting to ease up a little, the faraway hint of not a smile, but a certain warmth. And that tiny tiny hint will feel as warm as the first hint of sun after the longest winter you can remember. You could bask naked in the warmth of that sun - it is utterly engulfing. And then today - watch - a slightly dropped shoulder - a distant echo of a hint of an invitation at friendship two centuries away when you will walk in and he will just start making your coffee and drop a comment about the idiot cool hotdog joint that just opened up across the road and how much the area is changing and how awfully cold it's been - seems like forever! - and are you planning a trip this summer? Almost. But not quite - and also never as you repeat the same words you've said nearly a hundred times. But maybe. Just keep going and whatever you do don't get excited and skip ahead. Don't break it.

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