Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Being Too Cool for School

It must be hard to be too cool for school.
When you start a restaurant and everyone comes.
And everyone's there - all the time - all these people
You once wanted to attract
Now deep down you desire to repel.
You can't help it - being wanted that bad is a turnoff
So you serve bento boxes with pork in them that's a bit cold.
Your quinoa/rice thing doesn't have the same love in it it initially did.
No more pistachios.
All these people, all these cool cool people eating in your cool cool restaurant.
You want to CUT THEM with your SUSHI KNIFE, bare your fangs FUCKOFF...
Cool, cool, be coool.
And you wonder, If only we didn't become so cool in the first place.
Remember when it was just the regulars?
These fuckbags - what do they know?
Pecking away at their loveless bentos.
Choosing to use chopsticks though they don't know how and it takes them that much longer to eat and GET OUT.
This chick here ordering take-away - look at her - no way she's a reviewer for Le Fooding.
Give her some lame-ass pork
Maybe she won't come back
Though she's a glutton for our green-tea cheesecake.
Who invented that anyway?
Too cool for goddamned school.

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