Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Difficulty of Biscuits

It's hard not to eat biscuits. I'm ok at it, as long as the biscuits aren't there. But if they're there, and the pack is open, it's very very hard not to eat them. And by eat them, I mean eat them all. I've always been like that. I will go to bed having eaten one or two, but I will sleep badly, because I know the rest of the biscuits are still there, waiting, in their sweet little packet, in just the next room. Because I've had that feeling before, and not slept well, I tend to eat the whole packet before getting into bed. Which is also unfortunate because it's hard to sleep well with all that refined sugar in your belly. Basically in all cases biscuits make it hard for me to sleep because if they're in my house, they're in my belly or on my mind, and if they're not in my house I'm wondering about them and when I might perhaps next buy some. Or swearing I shall never buy biscuits again. Tonight I'm in that latter category because I just polished off the last Choco Bisson, though I swore I was going to try harder. 

I shall never buy biscuits again. 

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