Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old Prune New Prune

Since I first arrived in Paris eight years ago, Chez Prune has been my local. At midday they stop letting you sit at tables, you have to sit at the bar to allow the lunch clientele to eat, whether there's a single lunch client in the joint or not. It used to drive us nuts because we wouldn't crawl out of bed until at least 11:45. And that was because we'd been there the night before for apéro and ended up staying until it shut at 2. I still go to Prune, but now I'm there waiting for the roller doors to open at 8 and I can't fathom that there was a time in my life that I'd roll out of bed at 11:45. Today I was there with Kiki and J and JL. Kiki will attend the crèche directly across the road from Prune in September and we waved to the graffitid roller doors over there in anticipation. It appeared like a mirage that crèche - I had never noticed it was there, nor that it contained children. Seems I have a new head on with a brand new set of eyes.

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