Friday, July 13, 2012

Fifteen Minute Nothings

I stopped writing because time was precious and I thought - if I can find time to write a blog post a day, then I can find time to work on a chapter of a book, a short story, a something. And then yesterday I realised that since I made that pact I had written nothing at all - except the odd facebook status update. And I thought - if I can write a facebook status update then I can write a blog post. So I thought - ok - fifteen minutes a day - go on. A little something, a nothing.

So, I'm back! 


I'm in Paris. 

It's raining.

And fifteen minutes is up! Ah!

Pekka Jylhä 'With Tremor and Respect'


  1. Goodonya Bunny! It's cold and rainy down here. I l love the little by little, no pressure approach. Kerry

  2. me too kerry! part by part, piece by piece... i hope it stops raining. it's raining here too, the rainiest summer i can ever remember.