Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Dream Hatred Dream

Mr Rabbit dreamt we had another baby. He said the feeling was great. And then when I asked him if he wanted another baby he shivered and said no.

I slept in the other room because the wind was making the trees scrape the roof down there and also I was wired and needed a change of atmosphere.

I dreamed that everyone hated me. It was a dreadful feeling. People were fighting in a bar - a man had his hand mutilated. Everyone was blaming me. I got on my bike and rode to the house of a couple who I knew, who I don't know, in a Carltonish place, and I asked them if they liked me and they said, Frankly, no. I asked them why. And they said, we just don't trust you any more. I was all panicky and I sat down on their carpet crying. Somebody had defamed me, like in politics, and nobody would tell me exactly what had been said. 

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