Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shit Art and being Sure

I'm just thinking there really is a fine line between good and shit art isn't there? I'm thinking this because in the house that we're staying in there are two pictures on the wall in frames and they are sort of geometric art - sort of - minimal, contemporary things - and they're sort of the kind of art I normally don't like very much but for some reason these are very good. And it's really hard to name the reason why. They are just a random black line on a white background. One is a curve, one is a straight line. There is no reason for it, but they're lovely. Art like this can sometimes seem so empty. But these are not. I wonder if it's because the person who did them was being truthful. And they were a smart person - funny, irreverent, with a sense of humour perhaps. Maybe all work we truly like is because we identify with the person behind the piece - ie - the artist really does shine through, even in a line on a white background. In that line you can feel all their insecurities and strengths, their personality. Is that an obvious thing to say? Most of the time you can feel the person behind the art was a wanker and didn't truly believe in what they were doing or trying to make something pretty or something they thought people would like. You can feel their unsureness. And you're unsure if the piece is art or not or whether it's cool - you think it perhaps might be - people say so - so you buy it in the auction and then spend a lot of time showing it off though at night when you turn the lights out you curl up in bed and hold yourself, feeling all empty because you don't really know why the art is good. If you were honest it makes you feel nothing.
The lines on the wall near the kitchen don't make me feel particularly anything. I just like them. There is something trapped in them that's more than what you see. 

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