Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions of the Rabbit

1. Write every day
2. Eat every day
3. Feed Kiki every day
4. Make sure Mr Rabbit eats too - I can easily forget, while focusing on 1,2,3
5. Keep dreamin'
6. Don't dream too much
7. Find some concrete things
8. Eat less concrete things
9. Get fit
10. Get inspired
11. Have company but don't waste time like Woody Guthrie said
12. Keep rancho clean (like Woody)
13. Don't give self too much of a hard time trying to be good at things
14. Don't get too caught up in head 
15. Keep doing
16. Love hard
17. Get sexy
18. Find a wonderful place to live and love it and set it up with all sorts of things in it that stay there at least for a while
19. Have a guest room 
20. Have guests regularly in the guest room
21. Don't eat too much toast - it's not a meal
22. Taste the chocolate 
23. Write down dreams in the Astier de Villatte diary don't just admire its prettiness on the shelf
24. Have parties again
25. Take photos
26. Be in the world again
27. Ride bikes a lot

Woody Guthrie's 1942 rulins

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