Monday, January 16, 2012

Bingo the Clown-o, Devils, Drugs, Cysty

Today I go in and have Cysty removed - yuk. I just thank heavens that I was born in this era when they can just stick a little straw in you and suck it out and all the while you're sleeping and dreaming weird morphine dreams of clowns. Imagine if you were born in the day like the Devils Drugs and Doctors exhibition that dad took me to when I was four. I'll never forget the Devils Drugs and Doctors exhibition. The sound of screaming as the man sawed the woman's leg off. I must have stood in front of that display for hours and watched it over and over. There was a funny smell, probably the chemicals they used to make the blood or maybe the smell of the plastic of the actual life-size dolls. I could hear the motor running inside that sawing man, but he still felt real. I wonder what they would have done to Cysty then. Sliced me open no doubt. Though they probably never even removed Cystys, they'd just grow and grow and suddenly you'd die and they'd call it consumption. Anyway, I'm glad. Tomorrow I'll be Cysty free. And tonight I'll probably be dreaming of Bingo the Clown-o.

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  1. oh, mind your wee self.
    i love where your mind goes.