Sunday, December 4, 2011

Roller Coaster Dream

It was a really enormous roller coaster and I knew I shouldn’t be on it, I knew I would die and that I had responsibilities now but I was on it anyway and the thing drew me right back up like that bullet thing I went on once in New Zealand that pulled you backwards up up up up up up up this hill that looked out over the ocean and then you realised there was this brake thing between the two of you and one of you had to summon the courage to push the button on it to release you to freefall down and out over the ocean. Fucking terrifying. Anyway I was that high up on this roller coaster and it was about to dump me down and there was that split second before the letting go, the surrendering of construct to nature. And even though it was all happening and I knew I could die I also knew I wouldn’t. Then the release came and SMASH I was thrown against the ground at a thousand miles an hour. I hadn’t died. I started laughing. AWESOME! Again, again!! But the queue was too long to have another go. Also the whole thing was taking place in an office and I had work to attend to. So I picked myself up and dusted my neat apparel off and walked through a series of tunnels to my office, which was the reception desk of a car rental company. My skirt suit was royal blue. The office was all glass but it was in a car park and there was no natural light. I found it comforting.

There was a lady on the desk who looked relieved I had arrived and switched off her headpiece and rolled back on her chair.

“About time,” she said.
And I sat down to begin my day.

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