Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fascinating Fascination

It’s funny the fascination isn’t it? I find it fascinating. The Love doesn’t. But he finds my fascination with their fascination fascinating. Royal weddings – I mean, is it worth the camping? That fascinates me. The memorabilia, the pomp, the fact that her dress can be seen from large distances in helicopters. All those beefeaters. History. Ancestry. Old shit. Old ladies with hands on balconies. A kiss. Some flower girl. I mean, it’s not really of any interest whatsoever to me, but I can’t help find it fascinating that it creates such global fascination. How can it not? Thus you’re contributing to it, said The Love. That made me wonder: how many around the world are just interested in the interested, are just watching the watching, are merely gawking at the gawkers? A car crash. We’re sheep. It fascinates me. Baaa.



  1. Indeed. I don't watch but I do marvel at the generosity of the British tax-payer. That was some party they funded. Marty hasn't turned on a TV or a radio in a week :)

  2. I spent all of Friday marvelling at how ridiculous people were being - bringing tv's into important offices for fear of missing the live broadcast, only pursuing one topic of conversation all day, etc. etc. Cut to later that night when full of wine I watched the highlights and blubbed at the beauty of it all and the fact that I would never be a princess! Tragic! Utterly tragic.