Sunday, January 16, 2011

Take me back, baby

I'm back!  I missed you.  Missed me.  Missing you.  Missing me.  Missing you.  Missing me?

I never was good at Breaks.  See me in the bushes throwing stones at your apartment window.  See me sending late night emails that should have been safely stored in ‘drafts’ until tomorrow morning.  See me getting drunk at Twister and driving in a stained miniskirt to your house at 4am; see me knowing where the spare key is and tiptoeing up the stairs without making a sound because I know exactly in which part of each stair to step on so as not to wake your parents; see me hovering over your bed watching you sleep before gasping and scurrying out after realising there’s two torsos spooned beneath that misleading quilt.   

It was really hard to stay away.

Things got a little creepy.  I started stalking you.  Looking up your page to see what you were doing, not that anything had changed, because you’re me.  That was weird.  A bit like when you google yourself to see if you’ve done anything you didn't know about - you know, that you've starred in a film or someone's interviewed you, or you've written some brilliant book or article you weren't aware of.  There was, of course, nothing.  But I kept looking anyway.

I just never was talented at letting go.

But I did it.  One whole month plus several heartbreaking days.  And now here I am, back, lusting for you in that way we only can because we've had a Break.  Sweating lusty beads at the sight of each other.  Electric.  Desperate to feel each other's fur, recapture that special feeling.

I want you Bunny.

It’s so good to be back in your life.  Back in mine.  It wasn’t right to be apart.  I saw someone else for a while, true, but that's over now, it was just a filler.  I'm glad I waited so we could get back together properly, not just had a dirty little fling in between.  I thought about it, believe me, but I have too much respect for you.
I’m so happy to be back in your life.  Let's be more than friends.   

Say yes.

Je t'aime.


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