Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Kellys, The Dark

Check this out:

The Love told me all these stories that when I hear this song I think of.

He and his fellow band members walked in the dark once from El Paso to Mexico.  Through the desert.  Suddenly over the horizon they could see lights in the distance.  The lights were Mexico.  And they walked there, into the madness. 

And when he wrote this song, Dark Kellys, he said he was thinking of the Kelly gang in old Victoria and imagining another bushranger trying to get away from them, and running and running in the dark until over the horizon, come the Kelly brothers.  There in the distance, like Mexico.  

And the guy is running.  But he knows the Kellys are going to get him.  

And BANG there is a big shootout.  Bang!  Bang!  And the bushranger is brought down.  Should have known better.

I miss you awfully.
Back soon.  So much to tell/ask.
Bunny X

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