Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something about Snow

Yesterday there was Real Snow.  Big fluffy flakes blew about our window about like a trillion baby bird feathers.  It was cool to watch.  And even cooler to stand and watch the poor people trying to negotiate their way up and down the snow-thick hill of the Rue des Saules.  Gosh humans are funny.  It was a very thrilling and perverse sport to watch them clinging to each other for dear life as they slipped and slid, all sugared umbrellas and coconut collars and frosted ear-muffs and flushed cheeks with stupid grins from each little stumble.  It’s nice to see people overpowered by nature and watch the ways they try to take control back.  A man came with a plastic door-like sled for his daughter to ride on, slipped, felt foolish, and gave up.  Another man tried to roll his car down the ski-slope of a hill, sliding constantly into the gutter, but continuing to try.  Hysterical.  It was just irresistible to watch the disempowerment.  And then The Love went out looking for a baguette but all the boulangeries were shut and he came back looking very pale saying he’d just about lost his life several times for all the slipping and sliding on his smart black dress shoes.  That wasn’t funny.  So it made us laugh.  I told him I would try to construct some snow shoes with twigs. 

And when we woke today the sun was shining and all the magic white had turned to grimy sludge.   

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