Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nothingness and Isabella Blow

It’s good to be Nothing sometimes; get foetal and stay in your apartment for weeks on end watching the snowflakes fall, just being – eating, sleeping, breathing, watching Entourage.  Getting Bland.  Letting the exterior of yourself fade into nothingness, just looking Out, reading books, incubating, ingesting.  Existing in a uniform of pj bottoms and alternating tops, having a shower, putting on no make-up, forgetting what shoes feel like, letting your hair pouf naturally like Poochie.

Getting all human and Nothing.  It’s good.  You really start to smell yourself.

The occasion to Get Nothinged, to Get all Zero, seldom arises in life.  That’s why it’s good to take opportunities such as being under house-arrest to get as Nothing as you can. 

I’m so Nothing this morning and so expertly Bland you wouldn’t be able to see me if you looked – I’m one of those see-through lizards on the wall in Bali that just sits there stuck to the wall above your reading lamp, its gummy outlines barely visible.  Just sitting there, sticky, lizardy, not thinking or trying to be anything at all.  It’s not a bad feeling at all, being Nothing, it’s fine.  Just kind of… nothing. 
Isabella Blow was as far from a Balinese see-through lizard above a reading lamp as you can get and I was thinking about Brilliance and the Opposite of Nothingness this morning so I looked up lots of photos of her on google images.  It’s true, she may be Nothing now, and I’ve read the reason she’s not with us any more is that she felt Nothing, which makes me sad, but the thing is, she will never be Nothing because we’ve got all these photos of her in incredible hats.  But what a shame she’s disparu, she certainly was a Something.  A breathing Artwork.  Maybe she got tired and needed some time to be Nothing and watch Snow, like me right now, and didn't know how.  It must be hard for superstars, always having to be Something.

Still, how fun it must be to be a live Artwork.  Someone’s Muse.  A real anti-Nothing.  

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