Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bash the Rabbit

This morning I looked at the stats on the blog which is a very naughty thing to do because that’s not why you write a blog – you write it to gain discipline and perspective and to reinforce your practise and to experiment and all that.  You don’t do it to be loved.  No-o.  Not for that.  So you don’t look at the stats page – no-o – you don’t - and you most certainly don’t look up to The Love with Glee when the little graph shows an upward momentum and turn the computer around and say ‘Look!  It went UP!’ and you most definitely don’t take it personally when after a week spent in hospital you come home and nobody has been reading and the blog's popularity hasn't EXPLODED for curiosity over your dramatic absence. 


Because you don’t do that.  You’re about the workNothing else.  You’re not looking for feedback.  It’s not about that.  No-o.

But I’m glad I did look at the stats page this morning and examine it in detail, because something caught my eye. 

If you scroll way down you can see the terms people have put in google to search for your blog.  You get all sorts of weird things.  It’s fascinating to see the ways people have arrived at your blog.  Not that you notice.  Because you’re not looking.  No-o.

But today when I looked, one of the keyword searches was this:

Now, I know I wrote a post last week called ‘I love you so much I wanna Bash you’ but I couldn’t help but feel a reader was sending me a personal message.  It made me giggle my head off. 

I wanna bash you rabbit.

It’s true, The Love and I have been watching the conspiracy series Rubicon until the early hours of the morning, and I’m completely enthralled by the Wikileaks scandal (go Julian, go World), so everywhere I look all I see is Signs.  Did the dude know I would be looking at my stats page today (because I don’t every day, no-o, no sir, I don’t, do I The Love, no-o…) and feel this was a clever, cryptic way to tell me his/her feelings? 

I wonder. 

Honestly, I could understand the desire to bash me.  Particularly this week, after reading back over my posts.  Some of the things I’ve written lately are definitely far-fetched and over-exaggerated and offensive and silly.  Some make me even make me want to bash myself.  If I was a basher and a googler and cryptically inclined, and had read some of my recent posts, I would probably find a clever way to communicate my disapproval.

Perhaps I’m being paranoid.  Reading too much into it like Anonymous said about my in-depth examination of Algy and the Bear.  I'm sure that's probably the case.  Maybe someone in a bar said ‘Hey – you should read this post a Bunny wrote.  Just google ‘I love you so much I wanna Bash you,’’ and the dude had a few too many and ended up going home and drink-and-googling. 

Anyway, in the interests of free speech, etc, I’m leaking the information here for you to decide for yourself. 

And no matter what, I’ll try and write better next week. 


  1. Read not thy stats; bash not thyself.
    Just keep writing, girl. It's such a great pleasure to read.

  2. I love you, bunny. And I am a bad girl because I so rarely go and visit my blog pals. So, thank you for visiting my blog and getting me off my ass to come and read yours. And yes, it is about the writing, but the comments and interaction are definitely icing on the cake.