Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Paris Stab

Here we are back again in Paris, staying at Les Récollets, where I first got wondrously stabbed in the soul, never to truly return to my former life or self.

Nearly seven years ago I arrived here with a magical arts grant, a ticket to two years of creative training and a chest full of wild tearing joyful agony.  It still smells the same - the feeling and Les Récollets.  Memories peep from every corner.

I have a thousand stories to tell.

But for now I'll keep them until I get to place of safe internetting... here, just like all those years ago, the internet is heartbreakingly slow and nasty, stealing my ideas and patience.  I will find a safe place and write properly tomorrow.

'Til then,


Bunny xx


  1. You're back at Les Récollets!! Are you in the same studio? All I remember is colorful plywood.. I see you soon!

  2. ha - yes mireille, but a few doors down. it's hilarious - nothing has changed - including the colourful pilons! looking forward to our 'tit verre xx