Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Model

Soft Landing opens tonight and we did a good, solid preview last night.  It's at Dock 11, which is called Dock Elf and it's in a cool, cool complex, down a cool, cool passageway in a cool, cool street in a cool, cool part of cool, cool Berlin.  The street is called Kastienallee and the Guitarist says the Berliners call it 'Casting Alley' because of all the fashionistas parading their stuff up and down the street.  

It's true, it is cool.  

But Berlin is a particular kind of cool.  German cool.  German cool is laid-back: no flashy labels or high heels.  No flounces.  No colour.  It's ultra-i-didn't-try-but-look-what-happened chic.


I hear Kraftwerk.  

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