Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conversations with Kiki


Hi Mum.

Oh my Goodness it’s weird to be called that. I feel like a little baby myself!

Get used to it dude.

Ok. How are you going in there?

Good thanks. I’ve been doing a bit of dancing…

I can feel it! You’re not kicking quite so hard as you were before.  Not as... kicky.

Yep, over that, sooo mid November. No, I’m really quite enjoying this stretching feeling, wiggling and stuff. I’ve noticed if I stretch right out I can circumnavigate you like a belt.

Yes, that’s a very curious sensation.

You can feel it? Cool!

Yes. It’s extraordinary to feel movement on both sides like that. One end here, maybe a fist, one end there, maybe a toe. It must make you feel tall.

Yeah, it does. Ma?

Ooh, there it is again. (sheepish) Yes?

Will I be born in Paris then?

Yes. But it doesn’t mean you get an automatic passport you know. We researched it.


(sizeable pause)

Sorry Kiki.

Oh well, it’s still an adventure.

True.  Hey Kiki?

Yes Maman.

(teeth gnashing) What are you like?

Mum! Get off my back! You’ll have to wait and see!!

I know but it makes you so hard to name! How are we supposed to know what you’re going to be like? How do we find a name that’s going to globally encapsulate your entire journey, through all your stages and explorations, and not make you feel embarrassed at school while also making you feel unique?

Just give me something plain that adapts. Nothing stupid. And definitely not one of those long ones that you’ve written in the word doc on your desktop – PLEASE not Magnolia Florence Blaise Mistinguett Violette Marcelle Mae Davis. I know, I know, you want to give me lots of names so I can make my own choice depending on the stage I’m at, blah blah… But just make it plain, simple, strong – ok? Then I can just be myself and expand the name out to fit my contours. Like I’m doing with your tummy right now. Slowly, I hope you’ve noticed, so as not to give you stretch marks.

Thanks Kiki.

No worries.

Hey Kiki?

(sighs) Yes?

Thanks for not coming out of your room just yet. You gave us a big fright in the hospital.

I know. I was just excited. There is so much I want to see.

I know. But in three months time things will just be so much better. You’ll be able to see better. And smell, feel, taste. Can you just hang in there until March?

I’ll try. But Mother?

(shivers) Yes Daughter? (lip biting)

You could have made a bit more room for me in here. It’s squishy.

I know, I’m sorry. I’m trying. But you know what they’re saying, you're dodue.

What does that mean?

It means chubby. You’re growing to be a big baby.

Oh great thanks Mum, so you're saying i'm fat. Way to give me a complex.

No, you’re great and I want you to get really really fat. We’ll do it together. We can always go to bikram yoga afterwards. But for now we need to chub up.

Ok mama.

You’ll do that for me?

Yes mama.

Thanks Kiki.

Oh and Mum?

Yes Kiki?

Are you sure about the passport?

We’ll talk about that later. Time for sleep.