Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bye Bye Berlin

The show's over, The Angel's gone and it's time to pack up.  We'll be sad to leave Berlin, but happy to get back to Paris.    

Here are some things I will miss:

   Currywurst in dry bread rolls with ketchup and mustard
   Piedro from the café with his wild mane
   The relaxed Berlin city vibe
   Herr Director and the Battle Royal dudes
   Burgers at The Bird
   Favourite, the waitress at The Bird
   Riding a ridiculously small bike over cobblestones
   Laughing myself senseless every time I ride small bike over 
   Playing an insanely fun show every night
   Schinken rolls from the servo in Pankow
   Saying Enshuldigung
   Saying Bitte
   Saying Milch in context, though I will continue to drive The 
   Love mad saying it forever anyway
   Ping Pong at Dr Pong
   Wiener Schnitzel with that berry sauce thing
   Ms Pac Man

Here are some photos:




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