Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soft Landing

An old man sits on stage. He is a picture of solitude. Not happy, not sad, just silent, alone. His face is old, tired, not ugly, not beautiful, just a face, the face of an old man.

Another old man come on and hands the first man a guitar.  They have the same face.

The first old man begins to play the guitar and five more old men enter the scene, all with different bodies but the same face.

The men slowly begin to dance and to play instruments.  They spin, fall, struggle, fly, leap, die, fight, try. They play. They are clever old men, and they are all the one man. Maybe a grandfather. Maybe a sick man. Maybe a retiree. Maybe a man that’s still working. Maybe a brickie’s labourer. Maybe a hospital orderly. Maybe an accountant.

He is quite a nice old man; I don’t think he’s mean. Though he can do very nasty things. I suppose we all can.

Come and see the show if you’re in Berlin. It’s something.
battleROYAL presents its premiere dance production at Dock 11 – Berlin from the 4th to the 7th November 2010 at 8.30pm.

Having recently returned from two fabulous new teaterkoncert creations in Copenhagen, battleROYAL has now been busy devising an exceptional new dance work with the stirring music of Australian band Bombazine Black.

Soft Landing presents moments of ungraspable pasts and foggy memories, producing an experience of the impotence and redundancy of age. Via human marionette systems and a haunting live sound track, the performance attempts to create a rare empathy for a redundant, elderly character.
A fascinating soulful piece that perfectly combines emotions with acrobatic performances and clownesque drafts.” 
Mia Frick, Volksblatt Liechtenstein.

battleROYAL is a diverse performing arts company working worldwide on event shows, theatre productions and site-specific projects. The company takes pride in delivering exceptional work of beauty and power accompanied by unique twists that separate it from the pack.
Concept, Choreography: Brendan Shelper (Choreography in collaboration with the dancers) - Assistant Choreographer: Susana Beiro - Dancers: Florian Bücking, Jonathan Buckels, Janine Joyner, Susana Beiro - Musicians: Matt Davis, Jayne Tuttle, Malte Weberruss - Music: Bombazine Black - Light: Alesandra Beiro - Costumes: Sophie vom Scheidt - Video: Timm Ringewaldt               

Supported by:
The Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, The Karl Mayer Stiftung, Dr. Peter Goop, Vaduz, Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger and Dock 11.

Dock 11, Kastanienallee 79 - 10435 Berlin
Tickets: 030 – 4481222 /

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