Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing. Brilliant!

I wrote this whole thing about ugliness and differing levels of self-consciousness in different cities but it was boring and self-conscious so I deleted it and now I'm writing this.


Why would I think this is more interesting and less self-conscious than what I wrote before?  Don't know.  Maybe I'll delete it too and start something else banal to say and then delete that too.  And publish an empty space.  That'd be post-modern.  Perhaps that's what a good Existential Bunny would do, try to provoke postmodern thought in her readers.  Try to stimulate nods and conversation.  'Ahh,' they would say, 'Did you see what the Bunny did today?  She published nothing.  A whole big nothing.  Big, black, vast emptiness.  Brilliant!'

This guy would like my Nothing post:

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