Monday, October 11, 2010

Wiess, Wiener, Wunderbar!

We went and ate our first wiener schnitzel last night and I was happy because I got to say it in context and I also got to eat it which was superb, except it was big-for-small night and the poor flattened pig in crumbs was hanging so far over the plate it left me feeling anything other than wiener.

What does wiener mean anyway?  I just googled it and the English translation came out as 'Wiener'.

Not very helpful.

I always imagined wiener to mean small, in the context of 'wee', as in 'small sausage' or 'small schnitzel'.  I think I may have used it once or twice in reference to a penis.  Or maybe that was 'weenie'.  I can't remember.  I asked The Love his opinion on the meaning of wiener and he thought maybe it meant Vienna, that the sausage or the schnitzel came from Vienna.  I was doubtful.  To be honest, I don't want really to know what wiener means.  It's just a word that likes to be said.  Wiener.  Wiener.  Now I'm in Berlin I say it with a 'v' sound - 'Viener, ja?'.  See, I'm driving you nuts too.

So we ate the wiener schnitzel and fell into bed happy and laughed at Larry David and then woke up this morning for our first rehearsal day.  This is the piece we're performing in as musicians and general bodies:

The first day of rehearsals went wunderbar and we found a third guitarist called Malte who taught me the word for 'white', it's 'wiess', pronounced like 'vysser' so now I can order coffee.
Wunderbar.  Wunderbar.

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