Friday, October 22, 2010

Dreams of Scum and Tractors

Last night I dreamt I was at my dad’s cousin’s house.  A World Cup game was on and Australia was playing and everyone was positive they were going to win and I couldn’t understand their optimism.  The dishwasher stank and I wanted a knife and fork and every time I took a set out they were covered in food scum.  It was disgusting.  I was the only one who could smell it.  Nobody cared about the filth so it was up to me to clean it out.  I couldn’t stand it.  I tried to ignore it but the stench followed me everywhere.  I can still smell it now.
I had a fight with The Love.  I was on an important phone call and he turned up the music deliberately really loud.  I screamed at him,
The Love wouldn’t dream of ever doing anything to annoy me like that, even if it would be funny.  And I have never, ever raised my voice to him.  When I told him about the dream just now he said quietly,
“I’m so sorry I turned the music up.”
The dream went on.
It was a public holiday and I drove a tractor (on the streets) and the fricking tractor broke down, of course.  I rang a man from a business card and he answered, though it was three minutes after five and the World Cup was on.  He said to bring it down.  A friend had a big truck and kindly towed me down the highway in the tractor.  It was clunky and scraped along the tar.   And when we got there the man couldn’t fix it.  He said he could get it fixed the following morning.  That was good news but I was worried because the next day was Show Day and if it couldn’t be fixed by one o’clock as he said, then we would be in trouble.  I though of The Love and how he likes the schedule to be clear on Show Day and then I was proud about getting concerned about something taking longer than it should – that was evolved, I thought to myself, and organised. 
So I went to mum’s.  Bunny Sister was there.  We sat out on the grass.  The grass was really green and cool, and it was a lovely evening.  We could hear the game blaring from the telly inside.  There was a big old burnt-out car skeleton on the back lawn, down near where the monkey-bars used to be.  I was thinking about Sarah, as her baby is due. 
Bunny Sister was on the phone.

Kristian Burford. 'Kathryn'

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