Friday, October 1, 2010

Paris or Die

I was going to write about Death but I thought instead I'd write about Paris and the things I can't wait to do when I get there next week, like: 
  Stuff myself stupid with pain au chocolat from the boulangerie on the Rue de Marseille
  Stuff myself stupid with those little savoury pavés from the boulangerie on the Rue de Marseille
  Stuff myself stupid with sandwich mixte from the boulangerie du Monge
  Stuff myself stupid with salade Petit Fer à Cheval at the Little Horseshoe
  Stuff myself stupid with salade complète from Les Caves de Bourgogne
  Stuff myself stupid with tarts and fraisier if it’s in season at La Loir dans la Théière
  Stuff myself stupid with big fat steaks at Julien washed down with a big fat glass of that red that we like
  Stuff myself stupid with pizza at Maria Luisa
  Drink beer in the window with the light streaming through it at the Brasserie de l’Isle St Louis
  Drink kir à la chataigne at La Cagnotte
  Devour the J and the G and the D and all the other Bunnies
  Spend days and days looking at art in the Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo and linger for hours and hours in the bookshops, salivating and spinning out
  Spend days poking around comic shops and weird bookshops and little galleries and little poster shops in old arcades
  Ride bikes around Concorde and down the river and around the Louvre and Palais Royale and up the canal and around the parks
  Poke around broquantes and buy old photos of lesbians and flower pots and rummage through crockery and old teatowels and buy them though I don’t need any of it
  Visit all sorts beautiful boutiques and pretend I can afford to buy the clothes
  Buy cheap clothes at H&M
  Stuff myself stupid with macarons from Ladurée
  Stuff myself stupid with those delicious creamy handmade chocolates without any dumb liqueur or jelly crap in them
  Suck the living marrow out of the joint
  Positively die from joy.
And then go to Berlin.

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