Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Chocolate Room

I woke up this morning thinking about The Chocolate Room.  My teeth were gnashing with the urge to bite one of those big rubbery gummy bears.  You know that feeling?

If you could enter any scene in any film, what would it be?

For me it's always been The Chocolate Room.  Even though looking now at the actual thing it's hilariously lame, the fantasy will never die.  That chocolate river.  That edible teacup.  And Gene... the source of a thousand eerie dreams.   

The thing about the Chocolate Room was you could really get your face inside all that stuff.  It was bigger than you.  You could stuff your head inside a watermelon, lick the dot off a mushroom, drown in a river of chocolate, suck the leaves off the trees, eat a teacup.  It was overwhelming, suffocating.  The lollies dwarfed you and, well, for anyone with a sweet tooth like your faithful Rabbit, that is just a dream come true.   

I still envy Augustus.  Man, what a way to go.

Enter the Chocolate Room


  1. the room where you can pick tea cups off trees and drink something yummy out of them and then eat the tea cup.