Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you don't have Anything to Say don't say Anything Nice

I tried to write something, but today I am just silent.  And grumpy.  I have nothing to say at all.  I'm sorry.  The rain is falling diagonally (so i guess that means it's not falling, it's being pushed (see that's a dull and boring thing to say so I deleted it)) and the sky is grey and I am slightly blue and wordless.

So I won't say anything.  Nothing.  Not even something.  Anything.

I did start saying something about doom and gloom and about this this dumb article in the newspaper on how we should all stop whingeing because Life has gotten Better but I erased it because:

a) it was not at all interesting
b) it's not worth writing about
c) my bunny pea-brain is not functioning enough to create valid arguments

So I erased what I wrote about this survey they did in which they found out we're richer and healthier and more educated and more likely to live longer, thus: Happier, but isn't that ridiculous, none of that adds up to happiness, for example here are the things that make me Happier:

* the way The Love's hair is all ducky in the mornings
* when Pat is that one that makes the coffee
 And things like that.  I can't think of anything else to say today.  I'm silent and have no brains.

What was I saying?  Oh yes, so this ridiculous survey reckons we should stop crying and committing suicide because we're getting more university degrees (der, you just pay for them now), more money (as if THAT makes you happy) and we live for 2 more years (oh great, now my dreadful existence endures).  Goodness me.  No wonder we all gas ourselves, god, everyone is so rich and fat and smiling and never dying with their huge flat screen tvs and big fat cars and big fat bums, we don't even know what really makes us happy any more. 

Here are some more things that make me happy:
* Getting on a long-haul flight and finding out they have Tetris
* Playing Tetris for 23 hours non-stop with Scotch and iPod
* The smell of jet fuel
* Getting lost in nice places
* Going for two days without a shower
* Drinking beer in cans in trains
And heaps of other things I can't think of.

I think Tetris should be factored in to surveys about National Happiness.  Don't you?  

Anyway, I apologise for being silent.  To compensate, here is an image that makes me happy: 

Thanks Matthew Barney.  I love you. 

À demain,
The Bunny

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