Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Amazingness of Things

Today I watched that Arcade Fire 'The Wilderness Downtown' thing and it made me weep, not only for seeing my dry old street and my old house with the lovely big trees we used to play under and for the birds coming down to nest in the words I wrote to my younger self, not only for the beauty and sadness of thinking of those old days, but I wept for the sheer genius that such things can exist.

It seems right now is an incredible time to be alive.

Because not only do we have these insane levels of technology, finally incredible people such as the dude that made that extraordinary piece of art are using it. And that's moving. I just can hardly stand it, it makes me tremble. Thinking about that new iphone app where you can let people know where you are, so if you're gay or single or just on the prowl for a fuck, you can just put your beacon out and people will know, without you experiencing the heartbreak of rejection. Though I suppose the rejection then comes when they don't like you even though they're available.

But anyway, things like this are just amazing, don't you think? And skype - I can watch my godson eating dinner, I can talk with Mary in Dublin as she wakes up. It makes me want to die with glee. The freedom of it, and all the possibilities. And google earth and gps and little tvs on planes... it blows my little bunny mind.

But getting back to quality, it just seems we're mastering these things more and more. Look at television - Madmen, Deadwood, the Wire... talk about taking a medium and blasting it to the sky. These shows make my heart hurt sometimes, they are just so good. The bar has been lifted. Sure, we've got Paris Hilton and that show with the chicks with shiny black hair - the Kandashaws or whatever, but as much as we are bombarded with constant drifts of meaningless shite, I just can't help but be struck by the A-quality fantasticness there is out there. And the fact that others are appreciating it too.

Today is a good day.

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