Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to my little world


Welcome to my little world. I'm very excited and quite humbled to have you here and look forward to a rollicking ride together down the rabbit hole. Maybe you will follow me like Alice's bunny. My sister got to play the March Hare or was it that Bunny with a Clock ImLateImLate yes it was him in the calisthenics concert when she was six or seven and I was horribly jealous. She had a neat little pink waistcoat and a cool 'stage' clock which was big and made of cardboard, because this is how watches are when you're on stage - larger than life. That's probably why I like the theatre so much, things are disproportionate. The big, cardboard watch was attached to her white fur with a safety pin that belonged to my baby brother. Luckily it didn't stick into her skin as she danced. I guess that's why mum chose that pin.

Every day a piece of writing and an artwork.  That's my goal.  Every day a something.  Two somethings.  A reflection.

Because it's funny, sometimes, being alive isn't it, don't you think? As a young bunny I couldn't sleep at nights for thinking about what it was all about. I was only eight or nine in rabbit years and I would look out my window and everybody in the neighbourhood would be asleep and I would think: am I the only one alive? Is everyone else just imposters like in the Truman Show? Am I dead and this is heaven? Hell? How do I know that you see what I see?

It was a lonely feeling. Do you know that feeling?

But I read lots of Roald Dahl books and Nancy Drew novels and that made me feel better.


The Existential Bunny Rabbit